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Note:  Client testimonials are based on individual experiences. Success in past cases is not necessarily indicative of future results. 

Andrew and Monica recently helped me with my Permanent Residence application, and it was an excellent experience! Prior to using their services, I applied for a temporary work permit on my own, and it was a nightmare. The CIC website was convoluted, the rules changed without warning, and the paperwork was overwhelming. I would have even more paperwork for permanent residence, so I knew I needed a professional. Andrew walked me through the process for Express Entry under the Federal Skilled Worker program, and he was very detailed and accessible through every step of the way. I could tell that he had experience working with medical professionals and independent contractors like myself. He not only knew which documents were necessary, but also which non-essential items to include in order to boost my application. I can’t say for sure if it was because of this exhaustive due diligence, but my approval for PR was quicker than it was for the work permit! We submitted my application in November and I received my Confirmation of Permanent Residence in January!

Nicole J.

Toronto, ON

Andrew Carvajal is an excellent professional full of experience and knowledge in his field. From the first time we sat down together for an assessment of my profile as a potential candidate eligible to immigrate to Canada, Andrew explained the law very well and in an easy-to-understand way. He made sure my spouse and I followed the right steps to build a strong profile, by providing legal advise in terms of education, professional paths, and many others. Today, I can proudly say that my spouse and I are permanent residents of Canada, and we are very thankful to had found the right professional for guidance on this amazing country. Whenever I need legal advice, I will definitely contact Andrew again.

Julio H.

Toronto, ON

Andrew has been my legal representative for Canadian immigration since January 2018. He is a true professional and I am very satisfied with the service he gave me. In my experience, I got to see how Andrew is responsive whenever I needed answers to my enquires, polite when speaking to clients, and absolutely informative & helpful about the immigration process all along. I would definitely recommend Andrew as a lawyer to anyone who’s interested in coming to Canada.

Mohamad C.

Dubai, UAE

After living 16 years abroad, I was ready to come back to Canada. For me and my kids, it was not an issue, since we are all Canadians. My husband, on the other hand, had to face the immigration process. We met with a few lawyers and we were not convinced of what would be the best option for us. After a friend recommended us to meet with Desloges law group, we did, and met with Andrew Carvajal. 

Besides the fact that he spoke Spanish, which made is so much easier for us, he was very helpful, honest and straightforward with us. He explained everything in details and we knew we wanted to work with him on the spot. He was always very professional and made everything seems easier.


Following his guidance to the letter, we just now received my husband's permanent residency. 

We are thrilled that everything went so smoothly and of course, have recommended Andrew to our friends who are now working with him as well!

Johanne P.

Burlington, ON

After working with so many immigration lawyers as a Human Resources manager, we finally arrived at the right person. Andrew took the time to understand our industry and offer us practical solutions that were both reliable and immediate. Since he is always up to date on the latest immigration reforms, I can trust that Andrew has always explored all of the available options before advising us on the right path to follow. His professionalism and client service are unmatched.

Sean D.

Toronto, ON

Hace tiempo empecé mi proceso de visa de estudio con una agencia para enrolar estudiantes con colegios canadienses, sin embargo al momento de presentar mi solicitud fue rechazada por deficiente y hacia falta mucha información por presentar. De hecho me comento Andrew que no se acordaba haber visto un rechazo con tantos puntos por resolver. Debido a que había tenido un problema al ingresar a EU me pedían hasta una carta del FBI... para mi eso era muy ofensivo y desmotivante. Me acorde que en México en una expo de Vente a Canadá conocí a Andrew Carvajal el cual desde el primer momento me pareció un excelente abogado y buena persona. Lo contacte y efectivamente fue lo que pensaba todo su equipo Renier y Adriana siempre me enviaron información detallada de todo lo que necesitaba para que pudiera ser exitosa mi aplicación. 

Al final fue rotundamente exitosa mi aplicación y lo mas increíble es que en 3 días hábiles recibí la confirmación de la aprobación de la visa cuando en realidad tarda de 3 a 4 semanas la aprobación. Estoy sumamente contento y agradecido con Desloges Law Group por esa honestidad y profesionalismo que mostraron de principio a fin. GRACIAS!

Juan Carlos R.

Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

Más que un servicio brindado o contratado a Desloges Law Group,  fue una experiencia completa desde el día numero 1,  el haber conocido,  tratado e interactuado  a lo largo de nuestro trámite migratorio de patrocinio a Andrew Carvajal y Renier Sifontes. Gracias a su amplio conocimiento, experiencia, buen trato y paciencia,  se logró obtener  sin dificultad ni complicación  alguna,  mi residencia permanente en Vancouver BC Canada llevándonos de la mano en tiempo y forma durante todo el proceso. 

Carlos S.

Vancouver, BC

Andrew and his team assisted my employer in getting a positive LMIA for hiring me as a Temporary Foreign Worker. They have instructed and led the whole process and the instructions were very clear to my employer. 
After that they helped me on applying for work permits and study permits for my family including my spouse and two kids. It was a great pleasure to work with Andrew and his team. It was not possible to get through this complicated process without their help. I am very grateful for working with them and I will always recommend their kind and professional services to anyone who needs help in this field. 

Ainii B.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Andrew did a great job of guiding me through the permanent residency and then citizenship application. His knowledge and experience were very helpful. He is personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend him for his excellent legal advice.

Agnes J.

Toronto, ON

Ha sido para nosotros un placer poder trabajar con personas y una empresa tan responsable y dedicada como lo es su bufete de abogados Desloges Law Group, por lo que no nos queda más que reconocer y agradecer su trabajo realizado con nosotros. Nos encargaremos de hacer saber su nombre con nuestros amigos y colegas tanto en Colombia como en Canadá para recomendar sus servicios en todo momento, nos quedamos con gran satisfacción de haber tenido como abogados a excelentes profesionales, transparentes en su labor y con un apoyo incondicional para lograr cumplir nuestros intereses.

Carolina M.

Bogota, Colombia

My husband and I want to thank Renier and Andrew for the impeccable hard work you have put in processing our application. Most of all, we want to thank you for the guidance, the advice, the informative emails and your continuous availability for answering our questions. Your professionalism and expertise lent us comfort and ease.  We wish you and the Desloges team all the success

Reem H.

Dubai, UAE

Andrew, I just wanted to send you a little note to thank you most sincerely for everything your team did in helping us obtain our PR. I was so reassured through this long and often tedious process by your professionalism and expertise.  I was very impressed by your thoroughness and attention to detail in the preparation of the paperwork, even though it often meant a lot of work! So grateful for all your work on our case. I wish you all the very best. 

Diane P.

Toronto, ON

Quiero agradecerle al equipo de Desloges Law Firm en específico a Andrew, Renier y Adriana por asesorarme en todo el proceso  de mi residencia permanente. La verdad que su experiencia y profesionalismo hicieron todo el proceso más sencillo y menos estresante ya que siempre estaban al pendiente de resolver cualquier duda e inquietud que tuviera, siempre me hicieron sentir súper segura y positiva  durante todo el proceso. Cada que puedo los recomiendo y seguiré acudiendo a ellos para cualquier futuro proceso. De nuevo muchas gracias por todo! 

Sofia D.

Toronto, Canada

Desloges Law firm was recommended to me by my supervisor! “He said: I have heard of them”… Glad I listened to him and did not regret that decision for one second. Chantal, Andrew, Rupal and Monica were very highly compassionate, helpful and attentive to my legal information needs.


Andrew was my case manager and was quick to work on my case. He's dedicated and determined on what needs to be done. He was very quick to respond to my inquiries and provided multiple options of solid advice and counsel. His advice and guidance helped me through the process of getting my PR confirmed. My entire experience with Desloges Law firm and the paralegals was very pleasant. Everything was done in a timely manner and very thorough. 

Desloges Law firm and his team are among the best law firms in the GTA that I would definitely recommend to others. Thank you Chantal, Andrew, Rupal and Monica!

Mercia A.

Toronto, ON

I am happy to write about Desloges Law Group in Toronto who assisted me in getting my Permanent Residence in Canada. My Immigration paper work was done by  Andrew Carvajal and Monica Diaz. My interaction with them helped me to understand their professionalism, commitment, dedication and the knowledge of the immigration process. We submitted my application in February  and I received my Confirmation of Permanent Residence in  May 2019! Thank you most sincerely for all your help.

Saju O.

Hamilton, ON

Andrew Carvajal has been our legal representative since 2015, he represented us through our Canadian spousal sponsorship application process. Andrew’s professional advice and guidance made the application process go very smoothly. Our application was recently approved and my husband has been granted permanent residency in Canada. We would like to thank Andrew and his team, including Monica Diaz and Renier Sifontes, for their hard work and dedication and for making it possible for our family to reunite.


Andrew made sure that all the documentation was filled correctly, and that everything was up to date. Andrew and his team reviewed every form and supporting document, they arranged for document translations, and Andrew also notarized all documents that needed to be notarized. They were very quick to respond to all of our emails and thoroughly answered all of our inquiries. They also forwarded us any responses or inquiries from immigration almost immediately and with a thorough explanation and detailed steps to follow. Andrew was always on top of the application and asked for updates from immigration when needed. Andrew assisted us with completing our daughter’s Canadian citizenship certificate application, and he was also our guarantor for our daughter’s dental insurance. 

We really cannot thank Andrew enough for everything that he has done for us. We definitely recommend Andrew and would not hesitate to contact him for any legal advice and services

Sara V.

Toronto, ON

Over the years we have retained Andrew's services in matters regarding small claims court litigation. We are very pleased with his representation which is characterized by transparency, courtesy, and accessibility. Andrew's mastery of the law is demonstrated by his creative strategies and a tradition of delivering results. We look forward to working with him in the future.

Pier M.

Brampton, ON

Chantal Desloges guided me to work with Andrew Carvajal-the partner, to handle my permanent residence application process. I should say he was very thorough in the application documents preparation process for my express entry application. Especially in getting the work experience related supporting documents for the application. He gave the right guidance and advice about the timeline on the whole process from submitting the documents till I received my PR card.

He was always prompt in responding to any queries I had during the process even on weekends or when he was on vacation. That shows his dedication. As there were many changes taking place during my application timeline in the Express entry process, Andrew guided me correctly and in a timely fashion when I had queries. In fact, the whole team with whom I had spoken to or interacted with regarding my application were dedicated and prompt in responding to me needs.

I’m extremely satisfied with his professionalism and will definitely seek the firm’s counsel for my future immigration needs. I will definitely recommend Desloges Law Group to any of my friends/ family who may need immigration related advice.

Thank you very much Chantal, Andrew and team. I greatly appreciate your work.

Jaikumar S.

Hamilton, ON

Decidí venir a estudiar a Canadá y pensé que mi experiencia anterior con otros trámites ante la Embajada de Canadá era suficiente y apliqué sola para permisos de estudio y trabajo para mí y mi esposo. Desafortunadamente sufrimos una gran decepción porque nos rechazaron los permisos. Si hubiéramos aplicado con Andrew Carvajal y su equipo desde un comienzo todo habría sido más fácil y menos estresante. Estoy muy agradecida con ellos, fueron muy profesionales y a la vez abiertos a buscar nuestras mejores opciones. Desde el comienzo pude percibir su experiencia y conocimiento y esto me dio una gran confianza. Creo que en estos temas de migración se debe tener mucho cuidado porque hay mucha gente ofreciendo asesorías pero en realidad no les importa las posibilidades reales de la persona sino dar la consulta. Espero que otros puedan aprender de nuestra experiencia y reciban una buena asesoría.

Lina V.

San Jose, Costa Rica

It was pleasure working with you Andrew. The nature of my case was different and difficult because of multiple parties and USA jurisdiction. First I thought I had lost everything including my business and my commercial vehicle. My insurance company also refused my claim and I was very disappointed, then I saw the light at the end of tunnel after I found Andrew's contact .

Andrew you are an excellent person, very understanding and committed to your clients. Your response to your client's emails is excellent and the best I have experienced. There are so many good things in your professional services my words may fall short. All I would say is that you're an honest, fair and professional person dedicated to your clients. Keep up the good work that you're doing. I got more than what I expected from my case. I definitely recommend Mr. Andrew Carvajal for his services 100%.

Mobin A.

Mississauga, ON

Adriana y Andrew nos ayudaron en mi proceso y en el de mi esposo para poder obtener una visa de estudiante para mi y una de trabajo para mi esposo, lo cual pudimos lograr satisfactoriamente gracias al gran trabajo que ellos hicieron. Nos sentimos muy contentos de trabajar con ellos, ya que resolvieron todas nuestras dudas por minimas que parecieran, también mostraron su interes y estuvieron informandonos detalladamente de como iba todo, además si en un futuro necesitaramos otra vez de algún servicio estariamos encantados de contratarlos de nuevo.

Jualiana P.

Bogota, Colombia

I live in the Middle East and had been defrauded by an immigration consultant in Canada. I was recommended by a friend of mine who is an existing client of DLG to seek their legal help in claiming my money back. This was the best decision I have taken. The whole team is professional, cooperative and friendly. My first contact was with the founder of the group Ms. Chantal Desloges, who studied my case and referred me to Mr. Andrew Carvajal. He is very competent and always on top of things. He was providing me with any information or update in my case even if he is away from the office. He was always available to take my calls and respond to my emails without any delays.


I am happy and satisfied with the final outcome, as I managed to get my money back and half of the legal fees that I incurred, because of Mr. Carvajal's effort on claiming those fees. I would recommend DLG to any one who seeks a professional, fair and honest legal service. My overall experience is very positive with them, and would seek their assistance for any future legal service that I might need in Canada.

Mariam A.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Acudí a Desloges buscando asesoría para realizar el proceso Express Entry. En un principio lo intenté por mi cuenta, pero preferí buscar asesoría para apoyarme en una firma con experiencia que asegurara el éxito en mis trámites. Andrew Carvajal me aconsejó buscar apoyo en los programas provinciales de los cuales no tenía conocimiento y que terminaron siendo un punto clave para finalmente ser seleccionado. Pude observar en cada uno de los trámites la calidad de sus documentos presentados, en cuanto a argumentos, contenido y presentación, lo cual es definitivamente clave para presentar un caso migratorio sólido y convincente ante las
autoridades migratorias.

Jainer U.

Charlottetown, PEI

Andrew has guided my application for permanent residency through to successful completion. I have received excellent support and advice from someone with expert knowledge of the process. I'm happy to recommend Andrew's services, particularly on immigration matters

Elizabeth G.

Toronto, ON

Estimado Andrew, quiero agradecerte oficialmente por el excelente servicio profesional y acompañamiento humano que recibí de ti y de tu equipo (Renier Sifontes) durante estos años en los que estuvimos tramitando mi visa de residente permanente. Gracias a tu presencia permanente y al seguimiento constante y bien informado que me diste, el tramite se culminó sin ningún contratiempo y en mucho menor tiempo del previsto. Para mi será un placer recomendarte con mis conocidos y estoy segura de que muchos otros agradecerán como yo el haberte elegido para esto.

Maria Mercedes P.

Toronto, ON

Jackie and I truly thank you for providing all the necessary immigration forms and being our representatives at Citizenship and Immigration CANADA. You certainly were comforting assuring us that all the correct forms will be sent to C.I.C.  

Jackie now has her PERMANENT RESIDENCE!!! Thank you again Renier and Andrew!

David and Jackie

Toronto, ON

I would like to start by saying thank you Andrew for all of your help. Without you we would not have had such an incredible outcome with my daughter's academic problem and I believe that they would have harassed her to the point of her quitting her program and throwing her dream of working with the animals that she loves. So in a way, she owes to you having achieved her life's goal. You showed us you professionalism and attended to our claim promptly and very efficiently. We are forever in debt with you.

Carmen D.

Toronto, ON

I required Andrew Carvajal’s professional services to help me get through the Canadian immigration application process. He was very personable and friendly, extremely helpful and electronically available, even when I encountered time sensitive technical problems at unusual times, such as when he was on holidays. He responded very quickly to all my technical issues and many questions and explained things clearly and in depth. He had an excellent understanding of the ins and outs of the immigration system, a skillset which was really invaluable to me and I found him very competent.

Agnes K.

Toronto, ON

I was referred to Andrew by a friend. He is experienced with permanent residence application. He let me know all the materials I need to prepare, answered my questions through email or phone calls whenever he is available. Now everything goes smoothly. I would like to recommend Andrew to you if you need help for your permanent residence application and other temporary status applications

Ori Y.

Toronto, ON

Andrew's services has been a real blessing to us. From the very beginning of the process, Andrew's  professionalism was evident in the way he guided us through all the steps. Andrew is patient, very approachable, prompt to assist in anyway, meticulous and always made time for us. Most importantly, we received our immigration papers way before the estimated time - they arrived within five months of applying. Needless to say we are delighted and I definitely recommend his services and wish him all the very best for what's ahead.

Rhian R.

Queensland, Australia

I just wanted to sincerely thank each of you for your help and support during the course of my cousin’s visa application, re-application, Judicial Review and re-assessment. Your team was most efficient, compassionate and effective. You made us feel like we had nothing to worry about even when we felt defeated by the system and process. We trusted that we were in great hands all along and were proven correct.

Yalda R.

Toronto, ON

Andrew Carvajal's case law research and supportive written and oral arguments were masterly presented. More importantly I felt  confident and prepared for the questions I was asked by the tribunal. Thank you for working hard and going the extra distance in winning my case. 

Christopher S.

Toronto, ON

I know Andrew from an immigration consultant program at Herzing College in which I also got the chance to work as an intern at his law firm. Andrew is very devoted towards his work and his students. His passion for teaching and for immigration law can be clearly seen through his success. I admire him for his care, kindness, patience, and understanding towards individuals. He is the definition of professionalism. He has always been quick to respond through emails and calls, always was willing to answer all my questions, and very attentive to detail. He sincerely cares about his students and his clients, and works very hard to bring out the best result for them. Because of his teaching in both the immigration program and at his office, I was able to pass my ICCRC exam. I am grateful to have gotten the chance to learn and work for such an intelligent and down to earth person.

Natasha B.

Toronto, ON

I am a client from out of the toronto and in fact I live in another province and I needed some legal help. I had a few phone numbers to call and after speaking to Mr. Carvajal I thought that he was the one who could help me with my legal case. He is so calm, he listens to you and above all, he is so professional. It was a great pleasure having him work on my case I was truly amazed with him and in the end he got the results I wanted. I couldn't be more happy. He should be the go to lawyer if you have any legal issues. See for yourself as I did.   

Susan S.

Montreal, QC

Andrew not only knows immigration law, he is also phenomenal at imparting his knowledge, breaking things down in simple terms and using real world examples to make sure you understand. He is one of those instructors that makes sure you get it.  I was really impressed with Andrew's no nonsense approach, his ability to use time efficiently and effectively and would highly recommend anyone wishing to learn immigration law to spend some time interacting with him

Karl M.

Toronto, ON

Mr. Carvajal applies knowledge effectively and cognitively and shapes instruction appropriately so that it is helpful to students who learn in a variety of ways. Mr. Carvajal effectively motivates students to improve their learning through self-assessment and peer-assessment. He exhibits an understanding and ability to explain subject areas in an articulate manner. His passion for the subject matter is evident in the delivery of his lessons. It was a pleasure to learn from Mr. Carvajal and he comes with my highest recommendation

Katrina P.

Toronto, ON

I have learned so much from you. Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality has helped me tremendously through my journey at Herzing college. Thank you Andrew for being a remarkable teacher, and I am very grateful to have you as a teacher.

Sana A.

Toronto, ON

I have been working with Andrew since 2015 and had the pleasure to have him as an Instructor while taking the Immigration Consultant course at Herzing College. He is the kind of person that will push you to your limits to find your full potential and learn to love what you do; he is always available to answer questions and takes suggestions to improve the way his knowledge is transmitted to the rest of the students. During my school and university years, Andrew was the only Instructor humble enough to say “I don’t know but will find out” when a question would arise from the class; that’s just remarkable. 

During the class, he would walk you through the different aspects of the Federal Skilled Worker and Provincial Nominee Programs which at first, were not easy to understand. He explained every detail, provided examples and shared his knowledge and experiences so we could understand how the immigration law and the programs work. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew as a teacher and as a professional for any immigration related topic. 

Renier S.

Toronto, ON

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