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Biometrics collection for in-Canada PR applicants is resuming gradually

On September 15, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced that some Service Canada Centres are gradually resuming biometrics collection for permanent residence applicants who have received a biometric instruction letter.

As per the government guidelines Service Canada officers will call applicants at the telephone number provided in the application to schedule a biometrics appointment.

If the applicant applied using an authorized representative and the telephone number on file is the representative’s number, Service Canada call will ask the representative to check with the applicant as to their availability for biometrics collection and preferred location. The officer will then call the representative a second time to schedule an appointment through them.

Service Canada will start calling those who have been waiting the longest to give their biometrics, based on the date their application was submitted and where they live. Applicants residing in heavily populated regions, like the Greater Toronto Area, may have to wait longer to receive a phone call.

If an applicant misses an appointment for any reason, including because of COVID-19 symptoms, a Service Canada officer will call again to schedule a new appointment.


Andrew Carvajal is a Toronto lawyer, partner and Head of Economic Immigration at Desloges Law Group. He specializes in corporate immigration, temporary permits and all types of permanent residence applications for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Twitter: @CarvajalLaw

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